Bradken's Engineered Products division is a full service steel foundry and machining organization. Carbon, low alloy & stainless steel castings weighing over 55,000 lbs, we cover a wide range of materials and configurations.

From engineered concept to finished product, Bradken keys in on highly engineered, large, complex, mission critical steel castings. In order to support that claim our Engineered Products division employs leading edge technology, coupled with extensive industry experience & value added offerings.

  • Assisted Engineering (Fabrication to cast, improving castability)
  • Patterns & Tooling
  • Carbon/Stainless & Specialty Steel Castings
  • Linatron X-Ray capabilities for wall thicknesses beyond 6.5"
  • Nuclear certified
  • Machining & Value Added Services
  • Wear Products and Consumables (click here for more info)

Market Pages:

Off-Shore Steel Casting Market: (click here)

Turbine and Compressor Castings Market: (click here)

Structural Market: (click here)

Complex Industrial Castings: (click here)

Nuclear Steel Castings Market: (click here)

Marine and Naval Steel Castings (click here)

Stainless Steel Castings, Duplex Stainless Steel Castings and Specialty Steel Castings (click here)


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